Annemarie van Buuren

Annemarie van Buuren likes photos that tell a story and take you to another world. Her work is poetic, mysterious and sometimes quite dark.
Annemarie graduated from the Photo Academy as an autonomous-illustrative photographer with digital work, but not long after that lost her heart to a wooden dry-plate camera from 1880. The paper-negatives and the uncorrected lenses add an extra dimension to the images: they are no longer just about space, but also about time. Annemarie likes to give the analogue paper-negatives a digital twist, merging past and present, reality and phantasy. She emphasizes the materiality of the photographic image, for example by drawing attention to the darkroom process that produces the image or the structure of the paper on which it is printed, thus stressing the non-mimetic properties of the photograph.
Alongside her autonomous work she is also a photographer for theatregroup Mugmetdegoudentand.

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