Helma Vlemmings

Autonomnous artist Helma Vlemmings relates her identity to the city where she lives in: Rotterdam, for almost 30 years here home town now. Even as underdog of the Dutch cities, Rotterdam was always the most beautiful to her. The city without frontiers and full of possibilities! She is the face of StraZ, Studio Rotterdam Aan Zee. Helma graduated in 2005 from the Willem de Kooning Academie of Arts and prefers to make still photography and installations with image and language. Her work is to be found on the streets, in the galleries and museums.
‘With my camera I look for raw, unpolished beauty. Rotterdam and Hoek van Holland have plenty of unpolished jewels. While showing an installation, I love it when the audience participates. Together you can make a spectacle out of it. I love the power and beauty of the spoken and written word. In 2017 I started a project on “pictureboxes and comfortzones”. Pictureboxes to give the photography lovers a personal, individual experience. Comfortzones to give people the opportunity to retreat from the busy city life for a short moment. I will continue this for years.’ 

Go to www.straz.nl for more information.

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