Jacqueline Louter

Jacqueline Louter-Hoos grew up in The Hague, in a childhood surrounded by art and antiques. After having a fairly exact path trodden in business, IT and management, she opted in 2007 for a four-year bachelor degree in professional image making  at the Photo Academy. After her graduation she started her own studio and workshop in Delft. Since then Jacqueline works as an artist and photographer, exhibiting several times a year and founding multiple exhibitions and art projects. About her inspiration Jacqueline states: “Inspiration works in different ways. When I am in a company for a photo shoot, I can trust that with good observation, I make those images that stand out. When I create a new work a dream image  often arises. The art is to embed that image in the concept and to convert it into a concrete work of art.”
Photographic images are the starting point of her work. Freedom to try new approaches and techniques are very important to her. This is why she often ends the photographic work with 3 dimensional art objects as well as ‘flat’ photographs. “I’m looking for a feeling of serenity, stillness, mysticism and pureness. When I start working, I usually have a plan and an image in mind, but often while working this changes and I start improvising.”
She is currently working on a series of flower still lives – Preserved – in the style of the great epochs and styles in art and culture. The material consists of found artificial flowers, fruit, birds and insects from the thrift store. “My floral arrangements are there only for a few moments and then they’re gone again – which is interesting in and of itself. Our time is limited – it’s the only luxury that we can’t buy. It’s a theme that other artists are working with as well at the moment. I guess I’ve given it my own twist”.

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