Nicole Hagesteijn

At first glance Nicoles work seems diverse, but it is connected by a central theme: vulnerability. She tries to visualize an invisible layer under the superficial reality. Here she sees sadness, loneliness, anger, powerlessness and abuse of power, but also everything that gives life meaning to her: connectedness with each other and nature.
Nicole doesn’t like to be restricted to any predefined genre within photography. She works in a digital as well as in an analogous way, in the studio as well as in nature, intuitive as well as with a preconceived idea. She also enjoy working with old photographic techniques.
For her, aesthetics is an important aspect of art. Playing with sharpness and color, she wants to take  you along into my imagination. Nicole hopes that the beauty of the image will tempt you to observe longer and to make the effort to connect to the work. An effort that is needed, because her images are ment to challenge visually and mentally.

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