Baukje Venema studied Photographic Design at the School of the Arts in Utrecht and graduated in 1998. For her, photography has always been a tool to express herself when words where not sufficiant. A way to grasp indescribable thoughts, understreams of emotions, or a gut feeling, and visualize them. Working with analog camera’s, pinhole and nineteenth-century camera’s, with glassplates or paper negatives, stimulates her to work mindfully though a process and embrace experiment and failure. A red thread in her work is time, process and transformation.

Although her work is very conceptual, the analog and physical way of working insists on her to adjust constantly. Therefore, the idea is clear, the endresult is not.

The process is part of the concept and the material used is always based on what the story needs to be told as pure as possible. Sometimes an image has to be torn into pieces to tell a new story.

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