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Galerie Sehnsucht chooses for a Nomadic existence

We will steer a new course in the future. As a gallery just as any other institution, you have to move along with the sign of the times and learn from changes. We have decided to exchange the existence on a permanent location for a nomadic existence, where we will organise pop-up exhibitions, workshops and small events in the middle of society, and outside the former gallery walls, while offering our collection for sale through digital, web-based and social media channels.
This means the location on the Vijverhofstraat 34 in Rotterdam will be closed from February, 17th, 2019 on. We will keep our collection for sale through digital means. The time for “Call for Entries” is over. In the near future, we will invite photographic artists who experiment with the borders of photography out of a feeling of curiosity or longing to cooperate and participate with the gallery in its activities. This will contribute to the development of interesting photography and the creation of a collection of photography with a distinct signature.
It means saying good-bye to the sweet coffee and home-made cake, the nice fire of the hearth and other commodities our nice and cosy venue had to offer. However, it will give us more breathing space for experiments, preparation of activities and popping-up on unexpected places in society. But it is with heavy heart that we will close the doors in the Vijverhofstraat, and we want to thank everybody that participated in the gallery in some way during those days, in whatever form…

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