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Annemarie van Buuren, Nicole Hagesteijn, Mark van Hattem, Jacqueline Louter, Mariska Pool, Dieter Provoost, Olga Rook,  & John de Vos - Kasteel van Rhoon
At the beautiful castle van Rhoon near Rotterdam the Nomads will show their new work. The Nomads have explored the interface between the concepts 'Sehnsucht' and 'castle', resulting in art  that is the starting point or the end of a story or suggestion. It is as if from different perspectives castles, fairy tales, history and future mingle in a dreamlike atmosphere that challenges the visitor to step into a world unknown.

Date: September 5th - 261th 2021

Annemarie van Buuren, Nicole Hagesteijn, Mariska Pool, Dieter Provoost, Mark van Hattem & John de Vos - Galerie Fotoon in Lisse (Belgium)
These nomads will cross the border and show their work in Belgium in 2022 at Galerie Fotoon in Lisse.

Annemarie van Buuren, Nicole Hagesteijn Jacqueline Louter, Mariska Pool, Dieter Provoost, Olga Rook, Mark van Hattem, Helma Vlemmings & John de Vos - Belle Epoque, Haagse Kunstkring

Various Nomads will show their latest work in the group exhibition 'Belle Epoque' at the Haagse Kunstkring in February 2022. The exhibition will be a daring cooperation between the poets of the Haagse Kunstkring and the nomads! Guided by the concept of 'Sehnsucht' and the era and work of writer Louis Couperus, contemporary poets and photographers bring the atmosphere and associations of the Belle Epoque period in which Louis Couperus lived to the twenty-first century. Members of the Arts Department of the Haagse Kunstkring - Corina Engelbrecht, Edith de Gilde, Gerrit Vennema, Hans Franse, Jan Bervoets and Mariet Lems - created or searched for poems that link up with these sources of inspiration. The Sehnsucht photographers/artists present work specially made or selected for this exhibition that reflects on or links up with a poem by one of these Hague Art Circle poet. Each work in the exhibition is accompanied by the poem that led to inspiration.

Date: february 2022

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