About Sehnsucht

Galerie Sehnsucht started as a gallery of photographic art at the iconic Hofbogen in Rotterdam, giving emerging and seasoned photographers a change exhibiting their work. After some years the gallery decided to read the sign of the times and decided to exchange the permanent location for a nomadic existence, organising pop-up exhibitions, workshops and small events in the middle of society, and outside the former gallery walls, while offering the collection for sale through digital, web-based and social channels. But is was time for a change.
Now we are a collective of photographic artists who experiment with the borders of photography out of a feeling of curiosity or longing to cooperate and participate with the gallery in its activities. This will contribute to the development of interesting photography and the creation of a collection of photography with a distinct signature. The artists are Annemarie van BuurenNicole Hagesteijn, Mark van Hattem, Jacqueline Louter, Mariska Pool, Dieter Provoost, Olga Rook, Leander Varekamp, Baukje Venema, Helma Vlemmings & John de Vos. You’ll find more info on this site (See Artists).

"The Sehnsucht-photographers look for the edges of photography in many ways. From very classical photography with new cameras to daring adventures with old cameras. Ancient techniques capture  modern subjects, modern cameras ancient subjects. For sure is that you often have to watch and think twice when you look at our work!"

Because we love all kinds of photography and cameras Sehnsucht might sometimes functions as a pop-up selling point for vintage, analogue cameras from the collection of the CHP, the Cameraherstelpunt. This is a small firm in Rotterdam that repairs and sells great vintage cameras. Galerie Sehnsucht used to sell the CHP-cameras at the Hofbogen.

Keep an eye on our plans. Follow developments and don’t miss a thing!

Frances B. Johnston, Tintype booth of Miss. F.B. Johnston at the country fair, May 1903. (Photograph. https//www.loc.gov/item/2014647910/)

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